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Following what is happening in the international franchise market, it is always good to see how those markets are an example of what can come to Spain. One of the ways to measure the maturity of those markets is when we check the kind of conferences they hold.

For example, from April 28 to the 30 it will be held the 11th Annual Franchise Finance & Development Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Organizers say that the Conference is a proven educational and networking forum designed specifically for owners and executives of franchise companies who want to expand the rate of growth in their franchise systems

As we read in the summary, the conference has 2 goals:

  • Invite franchisors to speak about their experience recruiting strong franchisees.
  • Meet franchise lenders and investors in networking sessions

Among the speakers, we can find experts in finance, CEOs of franchise brands, expert writers, etc.

It looks very interesting, especially because they are not starting, this is the 11th Conference.

Well, the questions are:

When this kind of conferences will arrive to Spain? Are we ready to hold these topics? Do we have brands that already have strong franchisees? By the way,what is a strong franchisee? (nice definition!)

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