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Conflict…? resale is an option

(Spanish version/ versión en castellano)

Yesterday we talked a little bit about conflicts. So, one of the possible solutions in these cases is resale. It does not matter why the franchisee does not want to keep in the net ( it could be he does not like how we manage the net, but do not think only in negative things, it could be he wants to retire or he is simply too busy with other business, whatever…) in any case the fact is that he does not want to stay, and resale could be a solution.

Most franchisors have only a few franchisees each year wishing to sell their business. As a result of that situation, they may not have the infrastructure or experience to deal with them or they do not have the time to do that because they are worried about expanding and managing their net.

Obviously, resaling a franchise is different, the franchisee profile is probably different in this other case, the amount of the sale is different too, and we need a different track to convince him, overcoming the following questions: Why does the franchisee seller want to sell?,Is anything wrong? In any case, Is this going to be wrong with me too?

The resale process is different, so you need different skills and abilities and different thoughts, if you do not have them, outsource the process entirely or part of it.

…..As always is just and idea.

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