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National Diversity

Talking to Enrique Morales, Neck & Neck vicepresident in Paris last Friday, one of the topics was how different costumer ´s habits could be even in the same country, and how those changes have direct implications in the «standard» franchise bussines.

It is not the same to have a consistent model in all the country based on the same consumer ´s habits, than to have some territories, with different consumers preferences that push you by imperative to modify your successful business model. It is not strange…think about it. How many Spanish franchise brands only have success in certain territories? or Why are there some «dark» territories for certain brands ?

In that case, Why not aproach that problem from a different perspective? in other words, maybe your national aproach to consumers is not the complete picture. What do we do in that cases?.

One posible solution could be an International basis approach, determining Why ( maybe why not), How ( a Territory Master or a development agent) and with whom to go to those places. And even more, how to modify our products or services to that diferent consumers?.

It is just an idea….

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