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A Good Franchise relationship begins at the «beginning»

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Satisfaction is related directly with the following equation:

Satisfaction = Perception – Expectation

Any study of client satisfaction is based on this. So, expectation is critical because it could minimize a good perception. If we want a good relationship between franchisor and franchisees, the story starts with the Franchise Sales Process. Wrong expectations or outright deception at this stage can have an impact that undermines the subsequent relationship and it is dificult to repair.

The International Franchise Association recomended their afiliates the following advice to start the conversations with their franchisee prospect:

  • Honest communication: to be focused on two points: Who I am, and what I can do for you in case you are the right person to join our franchise net.
  • Be sure that you communicate the prospect what exactly a franchise is. Who takes the lead, who follows up.
  • A good two-way evaluation about the prospective franchisee according to your target profile and about your franchise system according to franchisee expectations.
  • Make sure you are going to be a team, interdependence is the key.

When you read that, you will probably think that it is obvious, but, please recheck if you really do. Probably you think so, but your growth tension affects your behavior and comunication in these conversations.

A Good Franchise relationship starts with the Franchise Sales Process, use this advice and extend it to the conversations that follow the first contact and probably everything will be OK.It is a good way to start.

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