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Franchise International development

Why go International With your franchise? .According to my friends ( and possible partners in USA), Edwards Global Consulting There are many reasons to consider expanding your geographic extent of your brand to other countries: Increase brand and shareholder value, adds new revenue sources, reduce dependence on your home market, Leverage your existing technology, knowledge and intelectual Property,makes you gain competitive positions by importing innovation, and an international image that increase your notoriety.

Actually the most important thing is a strong commitment of your company «to go International».

Deciding where to go based on Internet leads, phone calls, or amazing opportunities is exactlly the right way…to fail.

You should wonder if you are ready to go International? That is to say:

  • How many resources should I put in that bag ?
  • Which services Should I provide to my International partner?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Do I have an International Budget?
  • Do I know where are my «best» countries?
  • Do I know where, why, when and with whom should I plan my International development?
  • am I prepared for cultural challenges in the new markets?

All these are only some of the questions, you probably need more, but it is a good start. If you have the answers, keep going,go ahead, otherwise, please don ´t do it. An International crash is a big crash…don ´t do it. Please only go international in case you are prepared to go International.It is not a question of courage.It is a question of planning.


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Nice advices. I have heard some Spanish franchisors saying. What country is my next goal? All of them. And I laughed. The whole world looks interesting but not all countries are prepared for your franchise, not all countries are open, and more important, my friends, you are not ready to go anywhere in the world. As Josan says, look at your budget, look for partners, investigate the market, adapt culturally and then take the risk. It is always a risk but at least be prepared.
Josan Garcí­a - 02/04/07
Thank you for your comment Alberto, and of course, I ´m absolutely agree
Ashton - 04/08/14
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